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Despite excellent planning and careful decision-making, your small business suffered serious setbacks due to economic forces beyond your control. With ever-changing economic conditions, unexpected disasters, and all of the other factors that can affect the health of your business, you need to know what options you have when times are hard. If your business is under financial duress with little hope for the future, consider bankruptcy. But bankruptcy is not always the best option, so exploring other options is always the first step.

I, Patrick O’Malley, have been a lawyer for nearly 20 years and a businessman for more than 30. Having worked in many types of industries, I understand the unique challenges every business faces. I know how to survive the hard times and thrive in the good times. After taking the time to understand your unique enterprise, your financial situation, and your objectives, I develop the right bankruptcy alternative for your business, or the right bankruptcy plan.

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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

When you are headed towards insolvency, you have various options at your disposal. If you want to rescue your business, you will need to implement these options as soon as possible and with dedicated legal counsel in your corner. Bankruptcy is a powerful solution for hundreds of thousands of companies every year, but it can have serious consequences, and I generally recommend it only when a small business is in dire financial straits. This is why I will take the time to help you assess every possible alternative.

Your non-bankruptcy options may involve:

  • Developing a business plan that will reduce expenses, increase sales, and put together a profit margin that will work. I advise you on the legal impacts of your various restructuring ideas.
  • Hibernating your business while you wait for an economic upturn. This would involve cutting back to the core basics of keeping your business running at the minimum level. In the meantime, you work elsewhere, either as a paid or contracted employee, or creating a new entrepreneurial enterprise suited to current market conditions.
  • Negotiating with creditors and contracting parties. You may ask for a meeting with creditors or contract counterparties to discuss your situation. On your behalf, I can work to see what concessions may be negotiated, such as reduced interest on loans or other debt, extended terms, or a forbearance period. This can apply to both secured and unsecured debt. Workout plans give you time to catch up.
  • Selling your business, or selling assets. This may be difficult if you are overextended in this bad economy. However, if your business has a long history of profitability, is in a desirable location, or has a popular and well-established brand, selling all or parts of it, may be the solution.

Looking for an alternative to bankruptcy in Longmont or anywhere in the Centennial State? Reach out now to Business Bankruptcy Solutions online or call (720) 674-7311 today.

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Hear Directly From The People I Have Helped
  • He's a really sharp guy who knows his stuff.

    “I’ve been working with Patrick O’Malley on real estate deals I’ve done during the last 3 years. He’s a really sharp guy who knows his stuff.”

    - H. Morgan Cavanaugh

Meet Patrick O'Malley, Esq.

Lawyer, Advisor, Entrepreneur
  • Consultations, No Sales Pitch

    I offer two free consultations. The first meeting is to learn your facts and goals. Then my team researches and strategizes. I present your options in the second zero-pressure meeting.

  • Unique Approach

    My experience and perspective make me the ideal bankruptcy consultant. I deliver serious value to my clients by customizing ideal solutions for your goals and business operations. You will save a great deal of enterprise value by using good pre-bankruptcy planning.

  • Compassion & Care

    I’ve had business setbacks too. Stress, uncertainty, loss; I know what you are going through. You do not need to face it alone. I care about your goals. I want to help.

  • Decades of Experience

    I have been a lawyer for 19 years and a businessman for 30 years. I approach cases simultaneously as a lawyer and a business owner to determine the strategy and tactics.

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If your small business is failing, the first step is understanding the options. My firm is designed to help small business owners find the right solution based on their unique circumstances. Together, we can sit down and customize a plan that is fully tailored to your needs. Whether you want to ride out the storm or get out from under a struggling business, we can help.

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