Patrick O'Malley, Attorney at Law

“Entrepreneur by nature, lawyer by training.”

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney 2019 - 2020I am equal parts lawyer and entrepreneur. This unique experience and perspective is very valuable for my clients. I have been a lawyer for 19 years and a businessman for more than 30; I draw upon both these backgrounds to guide you on every step of your business and personal journey during this difficult time. Concurrent with my legal work, I have founded and operated firms in many sectors: legal education, medical services, consumer packaged goods, and a start-up incubator. I even sold real estate when I was ski bumming after graduating Colorado College in 1994. Then, I decided to be a lawyer, so I earned an academic merit scholarship, and graduated from University of Colorado Law School in 2001.

So how does my background help you in your legal journey?

Whether you are in hospitality, business services, manufacturing, retail, consumer products, or real estate, I have either done something similar or seen it in my legal practice. I know first-hand or second-hand the issues you face. I know the business and legal levers that will achieve your goals.

My entrepreneurial traits: I am confident, but it's tempered by just the right amount of humbling business setbacks. My legal traits: I'm creative and tenacious. Because I straddle both worlds, I think outside the box to see solutions others do not. Then, I plan and execute all the small steps to get us to the goal.

Meet Patrick O'Malley, Esq.

Lawyer, Advisor, Entrepreneur
  • Consultations, No Sales Pitch

    I offer two free consultations. The first meeting is to learn your facts and goals. Then my team researches and strategizes. I present your options in the second zero-pressure meeting.

  • Unique Approach

    My experience and perspective make me the ideal bankruptcy consultant. I deliver serious value to my clients by customizing ideal solutions for your goals and business operations. You will save a great deal of enterprise value by using good pre-bankruptcy planning.

  • Compassion & Care

    I’ve had business setbacks too. Stress, uncertainty, loss; I know what you are going through. You do not need to face it alone. I care about your goals. I want to help.

  • Decades of Experience

    I have been a lawyer for 19 years and a businessman for 30 years. I approach cases simultaneously as a lawyer and a business owner to determine the strategy and tactics.

Hear Directly from Patrick O'Malley

"If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

A typical bankruptcy attorney sees every client as a “nail,” that is to say, as a bankruptcy case. I am not a typical bankruptcy attorney. Once I know your facts and goals, I offer a menu of both conventional and out-of-the box solutions. Often, our initial goal is to help you avoid bankruptcy. So, we will work (beg, threaten, cajole, jockey, negotiate, basically whatever it takes) with creditors to craft win-win agreements. But when that just isn’t possible, we use the bankruptcy option. Throughout our work together, I will be pre-positioning you and your firm for success during and after bankruptcy. We will optimize your facts to get the full benefit from the levers the bankruptcy code offers. Ultimately, we’ll aim to strengthen your personal finances and the viability of your firm, preparing it to capitalize on the inevitable economic recovery.

Client Reviews

    He's a really sharp guy who knows his stuff.

    “I’ve been working with Patrick O’Malley on real estate deals I’ve done during the last 3 years. He’s a really sharp guy who knows his stuff.”

    - H. Morgan Cavanaugh

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